luni, 4 februarie 2013


well is a revolutionary view the fifty taleres or denarii for culture,i supose is between the cultural views of Hitler and Julius Caesar, for cultural guns or cultural circum und panem

and a view with cultural regard for the four horsemen commonly held guilty of cultural apocalypse

they are some cultural misconceptions that had been expressed
by some political nickname's before the first international socialist in Lisbon cultural tour or cultural workshop world series....

We hope that their cultural reactions and thoughts about the homeless in lisbon and the cultural observatorium and asimovian fondation's are similar to yours boss, and some of our subsequent suggestions help other great cultural educators of the labour force (educadores ou educatore da classe operária vulgum plebe otiosum)and increase their cultural in con petence

but you have some great misconception's about the culture fix

first—Everyone have the same or similar addiction
(people are not cultural children with a addiction for false culture in SMS or in a quick fix in internet or crack, culture is a user's compulsive need to behave in a social environment, and people go to a cultural forró, a cultural suruba, or a cultural carnaval or carnivale or carne vale tudo, like in flesh gordon but not in flash and use controlled small doses of culture in order to function normally as adults or as children, or families that are the super families or famiglia that we denominate cultural clan's)

Prior to this cultural professional development series, you have a kindergarten and pre kindergarten appropriation of folk culture like football or fighting or daancing
this normal appropriation of culture is not wellcome in well-known cultural contexts and cultural mafias and puts these simiesc false culture or untermensh kultur into prisional cultural contexts, or stalag contexts usually no fifty royals for grafitti and street paintings, no fifty royals for cake sculpture or shit sculpture

and the plebe or in cultural latin like the quartier plebem a multitude from other cultures that are alien to the patricium people and between the plebe or plebem often fail the patterns of communication between this two cultural schools, and interaction's valued within mainstream are assexual (but the sexualcultural interaction's prevail) or another kind of cultural shit..

If the boss doesn’t see the richness in plebe communication
and interaction with culture, is because you may inadvertently project your mainstream cultural values for understanding, speaking, and interacting with the plebem or people of children, childish people or untermensh people.

And boss your cultural mafia is ignoring this untermensh or simian people and their values they are cultural children,mob morons with  small cultural differences and big political and cultural strength that can perpetuate a cultural deficit model

and if your mob  do not seek to exterminate the cultural poor in gas chamber's but only fix culturally dependent people , making them more like your mainstream peers in cultural taste rather than their economic or social backgrounds....
Following the Julius Caesar and First international in lisbon workshop or choux de xelles summit or somme, a second-grade WWI cultural war

you think everyone should be like you culturally or rally speaking and that is great oh great king

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